Launched on Fri Sep 25 2020


Following the unprecedented success of last year’s US #1 mini album, we needed a high impact digital campaign for the release of Super One – The 1st Album.

The album campaign was launched with an international digital scavenger hunt. Fans were invited to join a worldwide race by unlocking exclusive content each day at various hotspots around the world, right from their homes. Fans from all over the globe were encouraged to connect and work to piece together clues about the upcoming new album. The hunt sent social media into a frenzy as fans joined a huge global conversation to reveal the entire picture.

Next up the first single ‘100’ kicked off with a full suite of cutting-edge tools to compliment the band’s futuristic sound. Advanced AR filters launched on Instagram and Snapchat for ‘100’ and all subsequent singles proved to be a big hit with fans. The ‘100’ online racing game was also launched. A smart Spotify integration enabled fans to compete for the highest score on the game while streaming the complete Super M catalogue.

The band are also known as incredible dancers and the music video for ‘100’ has a specific dance move that translated perfectly into a TikTok challenge. Influencers from across the spectrum got involved and the campaign reached millions on TikTok.

Following the success of ‘Tiger Inside’, the album was released in conjunction with their third single, ‘One (Monster & Infinity)’. For the album release and music video premiere, SuperM hosted a livestream where they unboxed their albums, answered fans questions, and discussed the process of making the album. The album was launched with an exclusive merch collaboration with Marvel, the perfect partner for the Avengers of K-Pop.

This project was created by Leslie Cooper, Daniel Hairston // Arianne Ahimsa, Hanna Shrapnell, Tracy Weston // Jeremy Lopez, Rodriguez Dominique

Key Learnings

• #2 on Billboard 200 Albums chart
• #1 Billboard World Albums chart
• In Japan, SuperM claimed the #1 spot in five major charts

Key Metrics

Project Budget
Target Age Groups
15 - 20 21 - 24 25 - 29 30 - 34
Male 25% Female 75%