Launched on Fri Dec 11 2020


The campaign is a full range of actions in support of the launch of ‘Si Hubieras Querido’ – the first single from Pablo Alborán’s new album. Actions and campaigns were aimed at increasing awareness and fan engagement prelaunch and to drive consumption of the single post-launch.
It had been two years since his previous album, so we needed to create as much expectation as possible – and even intrigue – prior to the announcement and release of the first single. A new website was launched for the die-hard fans to register and discover leads and new content prior to the release of this track.

During a five-day period leading up to the release date, Pablo Alborán would post a new photo every day on his socials with a cryptic text which revealed close to nothing. Nevertheless, every text contained a secret keyword. Fans would have to figure out which word it was, log into the new website and, through a trial-and-error process, type the keyword in one of the five displayed text boxes.
A match would unlock a small piece of digital content on the web: an image, a short video-teaser or an audio excerpt of the song.

Once the keywords were unlocked, people could access an immersive video from Pablo presenting the single which would redirect to the YouTube premiere.

Upon the single release, an Instagram filter based on the lyrics of the song was launched. The title of the single ‘Si Hubieras Querido’ means ‘If Only You’d Wanted To’ – making it the perfect lead phrase for hundreds of different endings. By hitting TAB, each user would get to read a different phrase.

In addition, we set up a separate Instagram account using the name of the single and a special sticker and template was launched by Pablo to enable his fans to add their own ending to the phrase “If only you’d wanted to…”. By tagging both Pablo and this new account, fans would see their personal phrase being posted on the official account and driving their engagement

This project was created by Alberto De Miguel // Raquel Sanz, Mónica Pérez // Elena García // Sergio Mendez // Raquel Hernández

Key Learnings

Web landing page: 16,243 new registered users

Instagram filter Impressions – 892,200 Times opened – 1,912,800 Screenshots – 457,500 Saved – 25,800 Shared – 14,100 New Instagram account ‘Si Hubieras Querido’ – 11,700 followers

We wanted to create as much expectation as possible with this first focus single and build a huge digital strategy around the release that took into account the current situation caused by Covid-19

Key Metrics

Project Budget
£5000 - £10000
Target Age Groups
15 - 20 21 - 24 25 - 29 30 - 34 35 - 39 40 - 44
Male 26% Female 74%