Launched on Fri Nov 06 2020


Our goal for this campaign was to engage the core fanbase using accessible activations that drove conversation and reach, alongside continuing to drive awareness to the more casual listeners to keep Little Mix top of mind, all while working within the ever-changing Covid restrictions. We began setting up the new album by placing teasers at the end of LM5 album videos – e.g. Wasabi and LM5 tour video.

We followed this with an Instagram effect (“Which Little Mix Song Are You?”) which was coded with a low probability that the new track title and audio snippet would appear. The surprise element drove excited fans to share their videos/ reactions delivering a reach of over 1m people in two days and the UGC reached even further.

Leaning into the TikTok boom during lockdown, we put the audio of the track on TikTok before release day for two singles to kickstart our activations and we were early to use the branded content ad format to extend the reach of the content.

The single campaigns were interspersed with Instagram Lives and Twitter fan Q&As as well as a 45-minute livestreamed quiz show in partnership with YouTube to support the single ‘Holiday’. In the moments between singles we ran marketing to remind fans of the previous hit singles and to ensure Little Mix remained top of mind.

On album announcement we ran a successful UK tour and album pre-order bundling initiative. As we got closer to the album, we worked with the Alexa team to reveal the album tracklist and hide voice notes from the girls as Easter eggs on the service.

Following this we wanted to excite and empower the International fanbase which was tricky with different Covid rules always changing in many countries; so in the week leading to release, we drove them to a Landmrk site where they could unlock and share exclusive images, audio clips and audio notes from the girls based on a user’s international location, resulting in fans sharing and chatting about the new album on socials.

This project was created by Louise Healey // Edd Blower, Simon Forbes, Millie Greenwood // Claire Higgins, Matt Hooper

Key Learnings

Between March and up to the eve of the album release:
• Instagram Effects reached over 4m users.
• Spotify monthly listeners +5m
• Spotify followers +1m
• YouTube subscribers +1.2m
• YouTube views +490m
• Instagram followers +800k
• TikTok followers +800k
• International activation drove 190k users. :

Key Metrics

Project Budget
Target Age Groups
8 - 11 12 - 14 15 - 20 21 - 24 25 - 29 30 - 34 35 - 39 40 - 44 45 - 49 50 - 54 55+
Male 35% Female 65%