Launched on Fri Nov 06 2020


Novo Amor has a worldwide audience, so when planning this campaign we wanted to find new and unique ways to reach his fans. On the last album campaign we saw a lot of fan art and video clips uploaded to socials, almost exclusively showcasing an emotional connection to his music. To engage on a much deeper level with these fans and expand the fanbase, we developed a way to harness this.

Following the announcement of the album, we added a map of the world to his website, allowing fans to pin Novo Amor-related content to the map via a form which accepts links from YouTube, Instagram or TikTok. We also allowed them to upload an image directly. As he can’t tour this year, fans were encouraged to upload travel footage or footage of their hometown to show where they have been or where they are from. They were also encouraged to use his music as the audio.

We added a wealth of his own content to the map, showing locations where his videos were shot (Indonesia, Spain, Czech Republic, Mongolia, Wales, Australia), photos from tour and other meaningful markers in his career. Fans are able to toggle between Novo Amor content or community-uploaded content. We have also been making tools available for fans to generate content; there are currently two cross-stitch patterns available for free download for fans to use. We chose cross-stitch as it connects to the cover art and promo photos for the campaign (which were both embroidered).

Fans who made content specifically to pin to the map uploaded it to their social channels, broadening organic reach across platforms. On YouTube, we can monetise these uploads via audio fingerprint. Those who have already made videos or fan art now had an official home for it.

It has also had a very unifying effect. Fans can now see where other likeminded fans are, creating a visual representation of his worldwide audience. Since the map has been made live, we’ve seen substantial fan communities pop up on Facebook, Discord and WhatsApp groups. It’s incredible to see new members of these groups realise that they are part of a worldwide fanbase. New fans that land on his website can also now immediately see that there’s a worldwide community to become part of.

Finally, we’ve also found it a fantastic resource for finding talented individuals from within the community. We have since commissioned a video from one fan in South Korea and are looking to further tap into this into 2021 when Novo Amor still won’t be able to tour but will be able to stay connected to his growing fanbase.

This project was created by Andy Inglis // Dave Grinnell, Jack Lawrenson, Mitch Wade Cole, Joe Austin // Megan Freimann, Dominic Squire, Arthur Fuchs // Annabel Crowhurst

Key Learnings

To date we’ve had 250 pins added to the map, amounting to over 30,000 views on fan YouTube uploads and 5,000 views of fan Instagram uploads.

A playlist of top uploads to YouTube was made on the Novo Amor YouTube channel, which has had 3,000 views. The videos included in this playlist have benefited from up to 1000% increase in views.

The Amors Facebook group (started and managed by fans) now has over 1,000 subs.

Since starting the campaign, Novo Amor’s streaming numbers have gone up by 40% across the board. This statistic was pulled ahead of the album’s release on 6th November, so only factors in the pre-release part of the campaign. We expect much larger growth once the full body of work is released.

His YouTube channel has grown by 40% in 2020 and 20% since the beginning of the campaign.

Key Metrics

Project Budget
Target Age Groups
15 - 20 21 - 24 25 - 29 30 - 34
Male 40% Female 60%